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Welcome to Prism Golden Retrievers                           We are now in Ocala, Florida and are loving this weather!

We are tentatively planning a fall breeding - if that timetable suits you and you are interested in what we produce, please inquire.

We usually have a list of folks waiting for our versatile and beautiful puppies, and getting on a list early -whether with us or with another breeder- allows you and the breeder to get to know each other and feel comfortable with your choice of what will be a lifelong relationship. 
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We are dedicated to producing quality Golden Retrievers, with an emphasis on correct temperament, correct structure, and lifelong health. Our breeding arose as a consequence of our desire to be the breeder of the wonderful dogs we so enjoy showing!

We are very proud of our small but successful breeding program.

Our dogs all possess every clearance required by the GRCA Code of Ethics: hip, elbow, cardiac done by a cardiologist and current eye exams. We have invested  as well in DNA testing  for our breeding dogs for conditions such as prcd/PRA and ichthyosis. These are simple recessives and can be eliminated with selective breeding.

We offer stud service to select bitches who possess all the COE clearances and whose pedigrees are complementary.

It is always our intent to bring to the future a better dog, to improve on what we have, and to conduct ourselves with the utmost in ethical behavior in all things.  The Breed Standard as well as the breed purpose is the guideline we use in any litter we produce.

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Edward and Chumley
We are newly located in Ocala, FL. After years in beautiful Chattanooga,Tennessee, we look forward to finding new training buildings, new cohorts to train with, and much warmer weather!

We are personally active in many areas of dog sport: AKC conformation, obedience, Rally, hunt tests, and GRCA Working Certificate and WC Excellent testing, as well as being huge fans of GRCA’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) program. I am a CGC Evaluator for the AKC program as well.

Our Junior Showmanship days are over, as Maxie has aged out - but we still teach classes to wonderful young handlers, and are proud that we have been able to have a positive influence on so many kids.

We believe a balanced Golden has titles on each end of his/her name, and we also believe a Golden has an innate need to do a job. To that end, we use a wonderful field trainer to do the field titling and we do obedience and tracking ourselves. Maxie shows our dogs in conformation, and we have versatile and beautiful dogs who can do it all!

American Kennel Club ~ Breeder of Merit
Lyla (Hooch X Gypsy) and I taken by Anna Gilliam at the AGRC WC/WCX training day
Hudson and Robin Creekside
Bikini is Prism’s Rayce You to the Waves CD and she is my blond bombshell. She will be three in May and she is working on her Open obedience  skills. Then she will hit the breed ring to start on her championship. She’s correct and smart and I don’t doubt she will accomplish all we want to do with her career. She came back OFA Excellent/normal on her final hip and elbow assessments and has all her clearances now with no breeders options on her eyes. She is the sort of girl who, if I were a better trainer, could be my CH OTCH dog…

Eden is Prism’s Stay in the Garden and she  is working on Novice skills, and I’d imagine we’ll get her RN and CD knocked out one day soon. She has a natural ‘to hand’ delivery and loves retrieving, and I hope that this is her year for field work.  Her final OFAs came back Excellent/Normal, and she has cardiac and eye clearances. She will be 3 in August 2015, and she’s the sweetest, most reliable from puppyhood girl we have ever had.

Poppy (Double R-Prism’s Popular At-Traction) is a Cody X Denver daughter, and is  1 ½ years old. She’s a little pistol, always exploring something new to get into.  She lives with Maxie and Edward in Gainesville, along with the myriad of fosters Maxie comes home with- Pops and Ed have raised up a litter of kittens for CatNip and a couple of puppies for a local rescue… and Poppy spends time with her co-owner in Georgia as well, getting fieldwork onto her list of future achievements. She has been in a few shows, and was Best Puppy, Group 1 Puppy and has placements on her Rally legs. She’ll finish that up this spring, as well as go out with a handler to start work on the CH we see for her. She’s got cardiac and eye clearances, and when she is two, will have her hips/elbows done of course.

The Boys:

Hudson is GRCH CH Prism’s Night Moves RN WC VC- he is OFA Good, has no breeders options on his always current eye exam and is a fabulous dog!  He’s going on 8 years old and has no grey yet…. Loves his new home in Ocala, FL and enjoys swimming, being groomed, and overseeing the girls and any puppies we happen to have around. He’s a great puppy trainer. He’s a wonderful companion, reliable, easy to live with.

Edward is CH Prism’s Hear it in the Deep Hearts Core CD RN JH VC- he is OFA Excellent, has current eye exam with no breeders options, and is at home with Maxie in Gainesville, where he is studying veterinary medicine along with her.  He makes it look easy, keeping in good condition jogging with her and accompanying her on her many road trips.  Ed’s going to be 7 this summer, and he and Hudson are full brothers, from different litters.

Both boys have sired really lovely litters this year, and we are grateful to the breeders who have brought their beautiful girls to our handsome boys, then raised up the gorgeous puppies that resulted!

The Girls:

Lyla (CH Prism’s She Knows How to Move U, RN JH VC) is retired now, and unofficial “Queen of the World”. She  will turn 8  in July. Lyla is OFA Excellent with all her clearances in place. She’s living the life of a Florida retiree, on a lake, with her new best friend and they are quite the team. I miss my daily time with her, but I am happy for her that she has her own person to walk with, go on trips with, and sleep with, and never has to share that time.

Molly Bloom is CH Goldruls Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes for Prism CD RN  and she is a truly lovely girl with the sweetest personality there ever was. MB is OFA Good with all clearances, of course. She is 4 and shares a birthday with my daddy!  She carries an abundant coat, is super smart and an easy to live with dog.  Not a huge fan of field work, she does love to wheel through obedience drills. When and if she decides she will lower herself to retrieve birds and swim in mud ponds, we will attempt a WC and she will earn that Versatility Certificate!

We love our new place!

The dogs are so happy with the huge paddock that they race through en mass when one spots a squirrel in a palm tree. I never really thought about it, but they didn’t have the temptation of squirrels in Tennessee so these are new and exciting creatures for them to watch and chase. I’d actually never heard Eden bark until we moved here and she spotted her first squirrel!

There is nothing more beautiful than watching four
gorgeous dogs run across a green field with
brightly blooming azaleas in the background
and the sun reflecting off their coats as they
run fluidly.

I wish a camera could capture what the eye sees.
The Puppies:

The heathens!! Here’s a pedigree link to the boy- Bourbon-
And he has two sisters- lovely puppies all- from a breeding we’ve waited years and years for, and are glad to finally have on the ground. We have BIG PLANS for all three of these little hellions!
Coming from ‘Trouble’ it is no surprise that Bourbon, Kate and Fizz are handfuls!

Welcome to Prism Goldens
Beautiful, Versatile & Correct Goldens
Golden Retrievers ~ Ocala Florida