Past Litters                                                                                                                                         Golden Retriever Puppies  - Ocala, Florida
Banner X Gypsy
Pedigree Link

One handsome boy whelped 4/2008
Jake X Ginger 
Pedigree Link

One lovely puppy born Christmas week 2007
The "Move" litter 

Bret X Bess
Pedigree Link

5 lovely girls whelped July 2004
The "Journey" litter 
Hunter  X Bess 
Pedigree Link

8 lovely puppies whelped 2003
The "Noel" litter
The "Free" litter

Hooch X Gypsy
Pedigree Link

8 lovely puppies whelped July 2007
Hooch X Gypsy   Pedigree link     
7 lovely puppies born June 16, 2009
SHR Prism's Journey to Dustrax CD RE JH WC CCA
CH Tangleloft The Heat is On (15 SDHF points)
The "Irish" litter
9 beautiful puppies born spring 2010
Finn X Molly  Pedigree link

Trump X Georgia 
Pedigree Link

8 lovely puppies whelped 2010
The Strike Litter

Walker X Trace   Pedigree link 
Finn X Lyla       Pedigree link    

Skye X Trace   Pedigree link  

Riggs X Lyla    Pedigree link                              The ‘Stay’ litter
Miles X Lyla     Pedigree link                                The “Be” litter
Hudson X Trace     Pedigree link                             The “R” litter
Oscar X  Eden      Pedigree link                         The “Bang!” litter
Edward X Bikini     Pedigree link                          The “House” Litter
Trouble X Molly Bloom      Pedigree link                      The “Ice” Litter
Boss X Molly Bloom      Pedigree link                  The “First” Litter
The "Solo" litter
The "Deep" litter
8 beautiful puppies born fall 2010
The "Dance" litter
The “Ray” litter
3 beautiful puppies born in 2012
8 puppies born in 2011
"Double" litter    
Joe X Bikini    Pedigree link         The “Feather” litter
5 precious puppies born October 2016
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Welcome to Prism Goldens
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Golden Retrievers ~ Ocala Florida
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Eros X Bikini    Pedigree link            The “Sweet” litter
9 puppies born 2016
10 puppies born March 2017
Eros X Milli   Pedigree link                                           The “Rock” litter
5 darling puppies born October 2016
Gunner X Molly Bloom   Pedigree link          The “Fever” litter
2 big boys born November 2017
Felix X Kate   Pedigree link                                          The “Thanks” litter
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7 precious puppies born in 2012
 Fetch X Milli  pedigree link                                             The "Instant" litter
Born 2018

Fetch X Kate  pedigree link                                      The "Silly"  litter
Born July 2018
Born July 2018
Jack X  Fizz    pedigree link                               The  "Time" litter